What does the course look like?
To view a sample page, click here: Sample Page

How much does each course cost?
Each credit hour costs $1.90. So a 5-hour course costs $9.50. We also have 3-course bundles which offer significant savings.

What does the 3-course bundle come with?
The $25 bundle includes 3 courses:
-1 Law & Ethics course for 5 hours. (required)
-2 Elective courses that add up to 19 hours.
Total = 24 Hours

The $21 bundle includes 3 courses:
(This is only for Adjusters/Agents over 6 years)
-1 Law & Ethics course for 5 hours. (required)
-2 Elective courses that add up to 15 hours.
Total = 20 Hours

Are your continuing education courses all online?
The courses are 100% online. Course are text based reading material with multiple choice questions.

How many continuing education Hours/Credits do I need? When are they do?
You can see how many hours you need on the State of Florida's Licensee Page here: Licensee Page

Do you report course completion hours to the state?
Yes, when you pass the final exam the state will be notified of your completion. We update credits every Tuseday and Friday. Also on the last day of the month.

Will I receive a course completion certificate?
Yes, upon successful completion of each course, a course certificate available to print or screenshot. You must pass the course’s final exam in order to receive a certificate.

What if I took a similar course on another website?
All of our courses are unique to our website with original course numbers so you cannot repeat a course with us that you took elswhere

How long are the Courses/Final Exam?
Online courses are required to have a word-count and final exam that match the hourly amount. So a 5-hour course is approximately 36,000 words with a 30-question multiple choice Final Exam. A 10-hour course is about 72,000 words with a 60-question Final Exam. Courses are between 6-12 chapters.

Can I retake the Final Exam if I fail?
Yes, you get unlimited re-takes of the final exam until you score above a 70%.

How quickly can I complete the coursework?
That depends on the student, and their experience. The faster you are able to work through the material, the faster you can finish the course.

What forms of payment do you accept?
Florida Discount Continuing Education accepts all four major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express & Discover). You may also fax or mail us a check. Money orders and cashier’s checks must be mailed.

Am I able to start and stop the course/test?
Yes, the website will automatically save your course completion. You may then log out at any point and return to where you left off.

What do I do if I’ve forgotten my Username & Password?
Goto -> Home -> Sign-In -> Forgot username or password

Do you offer group discounts or corporate accounts?
Yes, call or email Russell at 786-873-7526 or russell@floridadiscountce.org

Is there a phone number to call if I'm having technical trouble with the website
Call 786-873-7526 or russell@floridadiscountce.org